QSO Times Must Match Within 10-Minutes

Pete Kobak’s Rove (K0BAK) exposed a problem in our plan to use 70-minutes as the required accuracy for QSO reporting.  Our original thinking was to allow a variation of 10-minutes plus another 60-minutes for any daylight savings confusion.  However, this doesn’t work when you have someone activating Historic Sites every hour. 🙂

We’ve changed the scoring algorithm to look for time differences within 10-minutes.

The QSO time difference is really important to us when matching QSOs because we don’t ask you to upload the Administrative Unit Id(s) in your log file as part of the contact exchange information.  We do this to offer the widest possible range of support for logging programs which sometimes have problems with, or require special templates for, contest-specific elements.

This change to the scoring algorithm was implemented this evening and had a minor impact on counts in the leader boards.  The counts now reflect QSOs matched with a 10-minute accuracy.  This will more accurately reflect actual contacts with Pete’s rove and future roves that serially activate multiple units.  Remember to allow a little time between activations to avoid any confusion.